About Us

              Bismillah-ir Rahman-ir Rahim

(In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful)

Mission Statement

Islamic Center of McHenry County (ICMC) is a non-profit, community based, Islamic organization serving the needs of McHenry County of greater Chicago, IL. In an effort to meet the dire need of an Islamic Center in the local community, we strive to commit ourselves to provide five daily prayers, religious services and Islamic education, and to foster individual and group religious activities.

ICMC is committed to work in harmony with the local community to establish an Islamic Center in Crystal Lake, IL. ICMC aims to enable the religious, educational, social, and cultural aspirations of the Muslims in McHenry County and its surrounding areas. The vision of the ICMC is to create a vibrant, productive and prosperous community while building bridges to foster interfaith understanding with its neighbors. 


Membership at ICMC is open and people from all across the community are welcome to join ICMC   and help spread the knowledge and awareness of Islam. 

“Who so ever built a Mosque with the intention of seeking Allah's pleasure, Allah (SWT) will build a similar place for him in Paradise”.

Services Offered

  • Five time daily Prayers
  • Friday Prayer
  • Tarawi/Ramadan Prayers
  • Daily Eftar during Ramadan
  • Eid Prayers
  • Zakat / Fitra collection and disbursement
  • Sunday Children's School
  • Adult Educational Programs
  • Nikah 

In order   to successfully execute all the above events, we need your continuous support   and generous donation.